Original Magic: The Gathering Urza Art Lost or Stolen in France

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The original Magic: The Gathering artwork for the card "Urza's Rage", illustrated by Jim Murray, has been missing. A recent Reddit post revealed that the art appeared in transit to France, and it was last received by French Customs.

Missing - Lost original art. Urza's Rage by Jim Murray. Disappeared in transit to France, last received by French Customs. If you see this art somewhere, it is stolen.

One Redditor who claims to deal in customs said that that if the piece of art was lost at the facility, there's a high chance that it was stolen. "France is a loose place when it comes to regulations and their union workers believe the world is owed to them," Redditor KingLeil said. "The number of high end art thefts inside France is massive, and even in transit. It's getting worse, not better. I'm not saying it's anyone's job to watch over goods, but man, I don't use security on high end merch sourced from there. My two cents, is that on stuff like this just hand carry it. Don't bother shipping. It's not so large."

Jim Murray's version of "Urza's Rage" is the second art Wizards of the Coast published for Magic: The Gathering.

Credit: Wizards of the Coast

If found, please contact someone from the Magic Art community on Facebook or originalmagicart.com.

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