Orient Episode 3 Release Date

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In episode 2, the worldbuilding of Orient continued. The episode now focused on Kojiro’s flashback to let viewers learn more about the said character. It greatly emphasized that the demons are controlling everything by manipulating people so it will be hard for Musashi and Kojiro to achieve their plan. Will this stop the duo?

The previous episode showed that the option would be unlikely. Musashi and Kojiro faced a gigantic red Kashini. Musashi taught that a simple slice from his pickaxe would do the trick but he was wrong. The Kashini regenerated. While this was happening, Musashi saw that the villagers were praising Kashini and even gave it gold bars to eat. The protagonist now wonders what that means, and how could it have an impact on the demons.

Orient Episode 3 Details

Orient Episode 3 Release Date
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Orient Episode 3 Release Date

Episode three of Orient will be released on January 20, 2022. Entitled, “The Outside World”, the upcoming episode will reveal who won the fight. Musashi and Kojiro still have a long way to go with their plan but fighting demons could help them grow stronger. The episode can be viewed on TV Tokyo and AT-X.

Fans who do not have access to those sites can stream the episode on Ani-One Youtube Channel, iQIYI, and Animax Asia. Those who are residing outside of Asia, on the other hand, can get the latest episodes on Crunchyroll. The site has a free trial period for non-members. This will enable them to stream Orient and other titles available on the platform for free.

Interested members can simply sign up and pay $9.99 per month or $79.99 per year. Membership will grant them benefits like simulcasts one hour after Japan, ad-free shows, and offline viewing. The platform is also known to offer English dubbed shows but as of now, Orient still does not have this version. There is a chance, though, but fans will have to wait for Crunchyroll’s official announcement.

Orient will revolve around Musashi, a 15-year-old boy who was born with a special power. He wanted to be a samurai but it was considered taboo as Japan is ruled by demons. With his skills and determination, he decided to go on a journey with his friend to confront these demons.

Orient Episode 3 Countdown

Orient Episode 3 Countdown

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