One-Punch Man’s Yusuke Murata Reveals First Part of Zaiyuki Original Animation

Yusuke Murata Anime Saitama

Yusuke Murata Anime Saitama

After sharing a sneak peek at the upcoming project, renowned manga artist Yusuke Murata recently shared the first part of his original Zaiyuki anime.

On his personal Twitter account, Murata released the first part of Zaiyuki, albeit in two separate posts and in an incomplete state.

While the animation is excellent, this first part still doesn’t have any audio or English subtitles.

Despite the lack of dialogue, this anime project is a definite visual treat, especially for fans of Murata’s work.

Murata’s Anime Project

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It’s fair to say that Yusuke Murata is one of the most respected and well-known manga artists who are working today.

Aside from his famed drawing speed, Murata is known for his impeccable art, as shown by his works.

His current (and arguably most popular) series is One-Punch Man. While the series began as a crudely drawn webcomic by creator ONE, Shueisha created a manga remake with Murata in charge of illustration.

Murata’s One-Punch Man illustrations are simply excellent, though this isn’t his only popular work.

In the 2000s, he was also known for the American football manga series Eyeshield 21, a Shonen Jump series.

A few weeks ago, Murata shared the first teaser for his upcoming original anime project.

Along with the teaser, he also shared the character design sheets for the characters.

This anime is not based on any manga, but it is heavily inspired by the Chinese adventure epic, Journey to the West.

At least, the anime’s main cast is mostly inspired by Journey to the West's characters.

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Yusuke Murata Releases First Part of Zaiyuki Anime

A few days ago, Murata finally gave fans the first part or “A Part” of the upcoming anime project.

Even without sound, it’s not hard to figure out what’s going on exactly.

The anime follows a kappa, a creature from Japanese folklore with green skin and a turtle-like back.

This main character is named Zaiyuki, and he’s shown to be a failure of a kappa.

Soon, his luck turns and he wins the lottery. He then uses the winnings for a trip outside Japan, though he soon gets embroiled in a flashy escape from an airport.

Specifically, he meets characters that are based on Journey to the West’s Sanzang, Zhu Bajie, and Son Goku. From the looks of it, Zaiyuki will play the role of Sha Wujing.

For now, there’s no word yet on an official release date for this anime. There’s also no info on what format the final product will be.

But given how short this first part is, Zaiyuki is probably going to be a short OVA series.

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Source: Yusuke Murata on Twitter

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