One Piece Staff Clarifies Zoro's Bounty in Chapter 1058

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One Piece Chapter 1058 is finally out and we finally got an update on the Straw Hats crew as they prepare for a new journey. In addition to that, we got to learn about the crew members' individual bounties but there was a lot of confusion about the bounty on Roronoa Zoro's head. So what exactly are the right numbers? Eiichiro Oda's staff has clarified the error in the manga's latest chapter.

In the Japanese release of One Piece Chapter 1058, it was revealed that Zoro's bounty is now 1,111,000 berries. However, Viz Media's English translation indicates that the bounty is 1,111,000,000 berries.


Oda's staff has since clarified the number, confirming that Zoro's bounty is now 1.111 billion berries (via Twitter). The One Piece staff apologized for the error and assured fans that the number will be corrected in future prints.

Zoro's bounty was previously set at 1.101 billion berries, thanks to the epic showdown between the swordsman and Big Mom. However, the bounty has now grown even greater and there is little doubt it will be even more in the future chapters.


The One Piece manga has been on a roll and there is little doubt that there will be new adventures in the next chapter. For now, we're just glad that the Wano story arc is finally over.

In the meantime, the cast of the One Piece live-action series has been wrapping up one by one. The latest cast member to leave the set is Taz Skylar, who will play Sanji in the Netflix show. Interestingly, Skylar confirmed the filming wrap in an Instagram post where he tagged the entire cast and crew except for Mackenyu, who portrays Zoro. The move was clearly an inside joke considering that Sanji and Zoro are always bickering in the manga and anime.

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