One Piece Live-Action Reportedly Revealing More Info Next Week

One Piece Live-Action Luffy

One Piece Live-Action Luffy

After showing off the series’ first set of visuals a few months ago, it seems that Netflix is gearing up for another big One Piece live-action reveal next week. At least, that’s what several reports have been suggesting.

While Netflix has been silent regarding details about the show, several notable anime insiders have reported that a new key visual will be released next week.

What makes this possible reveal more credible is that there is an unconfirmed visual of what seems to be the live-action Going Merry that’s being shared online.

One Piece Live-Action Website to Go Live Next Week, According to Reports

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Back in January, Netflix shared two new visuals of the One Piece live-action series. The first features Luffy wearing his signature Straw Hat, albeit viewed from the back.

The other visual features Luffy and the rest of the Straw Hat Crew during the East Blue Saga, though they are all facing backward, so fans will still need to wait a while before the official reveal of the cast’s looks.

Recently though, reports have surfaced that another key visual will be shared next week.

Specifically, these reports mentioned that the visual will be shared on May 31.

Along with the visual, a special fan site is also said to open on the 31st, though there’s no word on what the fan site will contain.

The reports also didn’t mention what the visual will be, but there’s a chance it will be an image of the Going Merry ship based on the leaks that have been circulating online.

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Live-Action Going Merry Leaks Online Ahead of Official Reveal

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While there are no One Piece manga leaks this week owing to the week-long break, there is a visual that seems to be from the show, and it depicts the Going Merry’s look in the Netflix series.

Of course, this visual is not official, and there’s a chance that it’s just a high-quality fake image. Though fans believe that the leaked visual is real based on how it matches up with confirmed info.

Previously, Netflix shared a quick behind-the-scenes look at the show’s set, and it also features a look at the Going Merry concept art.

Based on the video, the leaked image matches the artwork quite closely.

Fans will need to wait a bit longer for official confirmation though. And as for its release date, the One Piece live-action show is confirmed to release on Netflix sometime this year, though a late 2023 release is likely.

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