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One Piece Film: Red is Eiichiro Oda's Most-Involved Movie, Says Producer

One Piece Film: Red Eiichiro Oda

Even though he’s busy with preparations for the series’ final arc, One Piece Film: Red is the movie in which creator Eiichiro Oda is the most involved, according to an interview with the film’s producer.

In a recent interview by with Film: Red producer Shinji Shimizu, he revealed even more interesting info about the upcoming One Piece flick.

While his previous interview shared insight into Shanks’ appearance in the film, this new sit-down has Shimizu detailing how Oda became heavily involved in the film’s production.

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Specifically, Shimizu was asked about what it was like working with Oda considering Film: Red is the movie that Oda is most involved in since One Piece: Strong World.

Shimizu clarified that Oda is even more involved in Film: Red than in Strong World. This is interesting considering that Oda himself wrote Strong World. And while Oda isn’t the writer of Film: Red, his contribution to the movie is even bigger.

Specifically, Shimizu mentioned that Oda is a big fan of music, and the fact that the film heavily centered around music turned a switch on inside him and he “wanted to get very involved.”

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Even though Oda is busy preparing for One Piece’s final arc, he still “poured his heart into this [film],” according to Shimizu.

While he may not have written the story, he is listed as the film’s script reviewer. This makes sense given that the film features Shanks – one of the key characters in the whole series.

The fact that Film: Red is released as part of the franchise’s 25th anniversary is also a likely reason why Oda is as heavily involved as he is.

One Piece Film: Red is the fifteenth feature film in the series, and it was released in Japan last August 8, 2022.

The film follows Luffy and the Straw Hat crew as they attend the concert of Uta, the world’s most popular singer and daughter of Shanks.

The film is set to release in select countries in the coming week and months. A Fall 2022 release is scheduled in the US, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, UK, Ireland, and more.

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