One Piece Filler List: What Arcs Can You Skip in One Piece?

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Luffy in One Piece Filler List: What Arcs Can You Skip in One Piece?
Credit: Toei Animation

One Piece is, without a doubt, part of the most popular anime series of the past two decades — probably even of all time. Since the start of the series in 1997, the show's popularity has only gone nowhere but up as time passed by.

The One Piece manga, which is still ongoing, is one of the best-selling manga series of all time. From video games, to a live-action adaptation, and even a One Piece card game, the media franchise of the series remains strong.

Of course, as to how it is with popular shonen series, the fans have mixed reviews and reactions. A significant number of people refuse to watch One Piece because of its length — although honestly, there's no need to rush with watching the anime anyway. For the fans who decided to brave through the numerous episodes, they surely have no regrets.

The Straw Hat pirates in One Piece Filler List
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Credit: Toei Animation

With that, some might still be willing to check out the series either way. However, they may not have time to go through the filler episodes and want to catch up with the anime as fast as possible.

So here's a guide to the filler episodes that you can skip in One Piece.

One Piece Filler Episode List

Luffy in One Piece Filler List
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Credit: Toei Animation

Currently, the main story arcs in One Piece can be divided into around 9 to 10 parts. These are East Blue, Arabasta, Sky Island, Water 7, Thriller Bark, Summit War, Fish-Man Island, Dressrosa, and the current arc, the Four Emperors. Under the Four Emperors arc, the series is currently at the Wano arc.

The One Piece anime has manga canon episodes, anime canon episodes, a mix of canon and filler episodes, and purely filler episodes. Here are the corresponding purely filler episodes in every story arc, including the special episodes.

  • East Blue: Episodes 54-60
  • Arabasta: Episodes 98-99, 102, and 131-135
  • Sky Island: Episodes 136-143 and 196-206
  • Water 7: Episodes 220-226, 279-283, 291-292, 303, and 317-319
  • Thriller Bark: Episodes 326-336 and 382-384
  • Summit War: Episodes 406-407, 426-429, 457-458, and 492
  • Fish-Man Island: Episode 542
  • Dressrosa: Episodes 575-578, 590, and 626-627
  • Four Emperors: Episodes 747-750, 780-782, 895-896, and 907

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Out of over a thousand episodes, One Piece does not have a lot of filler content. Either way, whether you're binge-watching the series or watching at your desired pace, it's going to take some time to catch up with the current story arc. Although, as any One Piece fan would say, all the time spent watching One Piece is definitely worth it!

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