One Piece and Digimon Confirm Extended Hiatus Due to Toei Animation Hack

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It looks like the recent hack on Toei Animation will have a lasting effect on two of its biggest anime projects right now. One Piece and Digimon Ghost Game have both been confirmed to go into an extended hiatus following Toei's previous announcement.

The official One Piece Twitter account confirmed that Episode 1014 will not air on its scheduled date. The latest episode of the anime was expected to be broadcast on Sunday, March 20, 2022. However, an old episode will be released instead. Although the reason behind the delay was not revealed, fans were quick to understand that it was caused by the Toei Animation hack last week.

Meanwhile, the announcement posted by the official Digimon Twitter account is even vaguer. The post only confirms that the episode that will be aired on March 20 is the series premiere. It then states that a new announcement will be made after the mentioned date.

As of writing, the new One Piece Episode 1014 release date has not yet been announced. Likewise, it is unclear when Digimon Ghost Game Episode 22 will be broadcast. Nevertheless, fans are hoping that a new announcement will be made next week. Stay tuned for more updates on this story.

Toei Animation had previously issued a statement regarding the hack, confirming that the network was illegally accessed by a third party on Sunday, March 6, 2022. The company immediately reacted by shutting down its network along with its online shop, which is believed to be one of the hack's main targets.

One Piece and Digimon Ghost Game are not the only projects that were affected by the hack. Dragon Quest: Adventure of Dai and Delicious Party Precure also needed to announce the delay of their respective episodes.

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