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One Piece Chapter 1071 Spoilers See Return of Garp to Save Coby

one piece chapter 1071 spoilers garp

While the latest chapter’s release is going to be delayed a bit due to the holiday break, that hasn’t stopped One Piece Chapter 1071 spoilers from getting leaked online.

Typically, a new chapter is released every weekend, with spoilers being shared a few days before.

But this next chapter will be delayed by a couple of days. Though interestingly, the latest chapter leaks have been on schedule.

Spoiler Warning: There are possible spoilers for One Piece Chapter 1071 in this article.

Garp Is Off to Save Coby

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In the past few chapters, the series has focused on the events at Egghead Island, with Luffy coming face-to-face with Rob Lucci.

Based on the last chapter’s ending, Kizaru is on his way to Egghead with a Navy fleet.

From the looks of it though, it seems that the upcoming chapter will focus more on the events outside Egghead Island.

Specifically, the first batch of leaks reveals that Garp has finally made an appearance, and he is off to save Coby.

Ahead of the Straw Hat Crew’s arrival on Egghead Island, it was revealed that Coby has been captured by Blackbeard.

Now, it seems that a fight between Garp and Blackbeard is being set up. Though there’s no info yet on the aftermath of Blackbeard and Law’s fight.

Garp going to save Coby makes sense, especially considering Coby was trained under the legendary Vice Admiral’s supervision.

But it remains to be seen how exactly Garp will go about saving Coby given the recent events involving Blackbeard and his crew.

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Eustass Kid and Crew Are Heading to Elbaf

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Another interesting thing that was revealed in the new leaks is about Eustass Kid and his crew.

We last saw Kid during the end of the Wano Country arc. Unlike Law, we haven’t heard from Kid for quite some time now.

Based on the recent leaks though, it seems that Kid is on his way to Elbaf, the home of the giants.

Because Luffy, Vegapunk, and company seem to be heading toward Elbaf as well, this might be setting up another encounter between the Straw Hats and Kid.

While the spoilers focused on the events outside Egghead, it seems that there will still be some parts of the chapter set on the island.

Specifically, the leaks reveal that Zoro and Kaku will fight, though there aren’t many details about that yet.

Finally, the leaks state that Kuma will make an appearance, but to what extent, we have to wait and see.

Of course, you’ll want to take these One Piece Chapter 1071 spoilers with a grain of salt, especially considering how some leaks have turned out to be inaccurate.

To find out what will really happen, you’ll have to wait for the chapter’s official release on Manga Plus next week.

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