One Piece Chapter 1059 Gets New Round of Leaks, Spoilers

one piece chapter 1059 leaks spoilers blackbeard

one piece chapter 1059 leaks spoilers blackbeard

After an initial batch of leaked content, the events of the next chapter are clearer now as One Piece Chapter 1059 got a new round of leaks with lots of big spoilers.

Aside from dialogue, the new leaks also include scans of the upcoming chapter, causing #ONEPIECE1059 to trend on Twitter.

The previous leaks gave out some interesting details, though it seems that some of the leaked info was false, specifically, one involving Marshall D. Teach aka Blackbeard.

Spoiler Warning: There are possible One Piece Chapter 1059 spoilers in this article.

one piece boa hancock
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According to some leakers earlier this week, Blackbeard was able to absorb Boa Hancock’s devil fruit ability.

This is likely based on a leaked panel that shows Hancock seemingly at Blackbeard’s mercy, but new leaks may have just disproved this.

It turns out that Dark King Rayleigh has arrived in the nick of time, and he stops Blackbeard’s invasion of Amazon Lily.

Some fans noted that this is reminiscent of what Shanks did in the Marineford Arc where he single-handedly stopped Whitebeard’s pirates and the Navy from fighting.

Aside from this detail, most of the leaks that were previously shared turned out to be true. This includes Blackbeard invading Amazon Lily to get Hancock’s Mero Mero no Mi devil fruit ability.

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The chapter also showed off how powerful both Hancock and Blackbeard are.

The new leaks also reveal that Koby was indeed captured by the Blackbeard pirates by the end of the chapter.

This proved to be interesting for fans as this might mean Koby is powerful given Blackbeard’s interest in him.

Other new details include the fact that Rayleigh did not arrive in Amazon Lily alone as he is joined by Shakky.

Blackbeard also comes face to face with a new Pacifista model, as detailed in the previous round of leaks.

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one piece luffy
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Part of the chapter also features a flashback featuring Luffy and Yamato. Then there’s a scene featuring Marco as he departs from the Red Hair Pirates’ ship and thanks Shanks and his crew.

Finally, the leaks mention that there will be no break next week, meaning One Piece Chapter 1060 will be released on schedule.

Of course, these leaks may not be entirely accurate. To find out the complete details, you’ll have to wait for the official release.

One Piece Chapter 1059 will be officially available this Sunday in the next Weekly Shonen Jump issue.

Outside Japan, the next chapter will be available for free via Manga Plus.

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