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OMEGA X Members Abused by Agency CEO, Fan Claims + Company Responds to Allegations

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Credit: OMEGA X/YouTube Screenshot

OMEGA X had its Los Angeles concert at Orpheum Theatre on Saturday. The K-pop group was scheduled to return to South Korea on Sunday, but the company postponed the flight.

It was revealed that the recent abuse allegations involving the CEO of OMEGA X's agency affected the group's flight back. But Spire Entertainment CEO dismissed the claims that the company stranded the members in the US and explained that they had been discussing it in the past three days.

Continue reading to know more about the alleged abuse that happened to the members.

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Are OMEGA X's Members Suffering From Abuse?

SBS Entertainment News exclusively reported on Monday that the Spire Entertainment CEO's issue made the company cancel the flight. But the news outlet clarified that the staff members who accompanied them during its world tour had already returned to South Korea.

For what it's worth, a fan shared on Twitter that she saw the CEO hitting the OMEGA X members after their concert in Los Angeles.

"I was just waiting outside for my Uber Eats order, and I witnessed the CEO hitting the members. My hands were shaking so hard and I didn't know what to do. They were hit right in front of me, but I couldn't do anything," the fan said.

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She supported her claims by sharing an audio recording that featured the female CEO yelling and seemingly hitting the members.

The CEO said in Korean, "Who do you think you are?" and "You, stand up."

A man also spoke and warned people that they were about to collapse. A thud can be heard before someone clearly cried.

The same fan added that a female staff also pushed and struck the members during the incident, as reported by Korea JoongAng Daily.

Spire Entertainment Responds to Abuse Issues

On Monday, Spire Entertainment released a statement to address the issue and apologized for causing such a concern. It explained that the conversation happened as the agency and OMEGA X members discussed their plans.

"The conversation continued even after the meal, but by continuing their discussions, the members and the agency have currently resolved all their misunderstandings, and they ended the conversation by saying that they wanted to move forward while being considerate of each other," the agency continued.

OMEGA X members have not addressed the issue yet.


The K-pop boy group debuted last year, reintroducing some idols who had already debuted in the past.

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