Of Death and Ruin Book 4: Piper Lancaster Series Release Date, News, Updates, and Everything To Know About Denise Swank's Novel

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Of Death and Ruin, the fourth installment of the Piper Lancaster series used to have a 2019 release. As far as Goodreads is concerned it has already been released – but fans complain that they cannot find it, and there has been no update by the author recently. Here's what we know about book 4 in the Piper Lancaster Series:

Of Death and Ruin Book 4: Piper Lancaster Series Overview

Of Death and Ruin Book 4 Release Date
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The Piper Lancaster series by D. G. Swank - the pen name of Denise Grover Swank when she writes fantasy - is an urban fantasy series; the titular character, Piper, is a ghost whisperer, forced to confront ghosts she didn't even use to believe in. So far, three books have been released:

  1. Of Ash and Spirit (2018)
  2. Of Fire and Storm (2018)
  3. Of Blood and Monsters (2018)

As we see above, the author produced a huge amount of work really quickly. And while her books only have between 1200 and 502 reviews each, they were-liked by those who did read them really enjoyed them, rating them 4.32, 4.54, and 4.64 respectively.

Of Death and Ruin Book 4: Piper Lancaster Series Release Date

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Of Death and Ruin, the 4th book in the Piper Lancaster sequence is where things start to get strange. According to Goodreads, Of Death and Ruin was self-published on September 17, 2019. This, however, is not the case. The book has no synopsis or cover. It does exist as an entry on the author's website and blog, but no more information can be found there.


Online research of Of Death and Ruin is, unfortunately, unfruitful and while fans have asked about the book on Goodreads they haven't received an answer.

An overly optimistic fan could suggest that since the book wasn't canceled officially, it might still come out at this point. A three-year gap isn't much when there are books like The Winds of Winter, after all. However, it is strange that the book already appears published according to Goodreads.

While we cannot say the project has been dropped with 100% certainty, we would assume that the author moved on to other books. D. G. Swank did publish another fantasy work Crown of Blood on August 2019 but no more fantasy works by her came out after that.

Of Death and Ruin Book 4: Piper Lancaster Series Updates

If and when more information comes out about Piper Lancaster we will update this space. At the moment, the author's Twitter – under the full name Denise Grover Swank, which she uses for her non-fantasy books – suggests that she has moved on from Piper Lancaster. A 2020 tweet updates fans about where they can purchase the first three books without any information about the third.


At the moment, the author seems more interested in promoting her Rose Gardner mystery series. While she hasn't published new books since 2019, it looks like she's occasionally updating stories with chapters that are available to her newsletter subscribers.

Meanwhile, if you are interested in an SFF books series with a new installment due later this year, why not check out The Last King of Osten Ard?

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