Oda Discusses Creating Strong Female Characters in One Piece

One Piece Female Characters Nami

One Piece Female Characters Nami

If you ask One Piece fans about their favorite characters, chances are that Nami and Robin’s names will pop up given how beloved these two female Straw Hat members are. That’s because One Piece has strong female characters, and this is discussed by Oda in an interview with The New York Times.

Oda shared a lot of interesting info about his work on the iconic series, but one that has caught fans’ attention is how he created the strong female characters in the series.

One Piece’s Female Character Representation: Almost Perfect

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One Piece has been praised by many for its great female characters. After all, the stories and personalities of Nami and Robin are incredibly well thought out. Not to mention that they have lots of memorable moments.

Aside from these two, the series also has a lot of other female characters that are notable in their own way. One of these is Alvida, who appears in Netflix’s new live-action series.

Then there are others like Vivi, Boa Hancock, and Tashigi, who also have memorable scenes and qualities. But that’s not to say that the series is perfect in this regard.

Some have criticized the series when it comes to the female characters' designs as male characters are noted to have much more variation.

For comparison, female characters are either buxom beauties or on the rounder side.

Still, while there are criticisms like these, they’re not shared by the majority. If you ask most fans, they’ll commend how the women in One Piece are strong and have compelling backstories and personalities.

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Eiichiro Oda Discusses His Inspirations for One Piece’s Female Characters

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When asked about how he made the series’ female characters so powerful and capable, Eiichiro Oda mentioned that many female characters in the manga he read as a kid were mostly damsels in distress.

Oda said that this didn’t sit well with him. So, when he wrote One Piece, he made sure to make the female characters strong, whether it’s the heroes or the villains.

He strived to make the female characters of the show not just strong, but also intelligent and capable.

This can be seen even when the series first started as the earlier arcs already showed the depth of Nami’s character and backstory.

While longtime fans should already be familiar with this, those new to the series can see it for themselves through the One Piece live-action series which is now streaming on Netflix.

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Source: The New York Times via @bymoonlightea

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