Now Sony is Working on a Kraven the Hunter Movie

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A lot of people are still over the fence about the Venom movie, but now news has it that Sony is moving forward with yet another Spider-Man spinoff that won't feature Spider-Man.

As per Collider, Sony is now pushing forward with a Kraven the Hunter movie, and they've hired Equalizer's Richard Wenk to pen the script. Last year it was said that they were developing a Kraven movie alongside Mysterio, but seeing that the latter is now the villain for Spider-Man: Far from Home, it seems that Kraven is going solo this time around.


Personally, I don't think Kraven is an interesting enough villain to helm a movie without Spider-Man. I mean, he's a really good hunter—that's it. He's only interesting because he's able to go toe-to-toe with the likes of Spider-Man.

Then again… they could switch out Peter Parker and have Kraven go after Venom in this movie. Otherwise, what's it going to be? Kraven hunting some endangered animal? Are we even supposed to like him in this movie?

Seeing that Kraven hasn't been introduced in the films yet, Wenk has a lot of room to try and make the character a bit more interesting. Some fans actually want him to be used in the MCU as a villain for the Black Panther sequel; which I think is a far better idea than giving him his own solo movie.

No release date has been set for Kraven the Hunter, but you can check out Sony's first spinoff movie Venom in theaters Oct. 5.


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