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Nope First Reactions Are In: "Out of This World," "Resounding Yes"

Three years after the release of Us, Jordan Peele is back with another opus Nope and, this time, it looks like he is delving into the science-fiction genre (at least that's what the trailers have implied). The Oscar-winning director's first two films were both a huge success critically and at the box office and a lot of people are wondering whether he will deliver another great film in his resume.

Last night, Nope had its world premiere event where several critics and journalists were also invited to watch the film in advance. While they are still under embargo to share their full review, they were allowed to post their social media reactions right after the screening.

Based on the reactions so far, it looks like Peele has delivered another wonderful film as some of them praised his direction, Keke Palmer's performance, and its exploration of spectacle. There are also some who called it "one of the best films this year" and favored it comparably to Steven Spielberg's Jaws and Close Encounters of the Third Kind.

You can check some of the tweets below:

It is exciting to see that Nope is receiving a lot of rave reactions as it is an indication that the film is another winner for Peele and it has huge potential success at the box office if the word-of-mouth will be as strong as this. Palmer is also receiving a lot of notices which possibly puts her in the awards conversation.

Obviously, there is a chance that you might have a different reaction to the film and it won't be the same as the critics. We also have to point out that these are just first reactions where they are only allowed to express their thoughts within 280 characters per tweet so they might have a different tune in their full review. Either way, this is a good sign for the film's success leading up to the release.

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Nope is set to be released in theaters this Friday.

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