No Way Home IMAX Trailer Shows Spider-Man's Greatest Enemies Unleashed

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As the release date of Spider-Man: No Way Home gets closer, an IMAX trailer is dropped and it shows the greatest enemies of the titular hero unleashed with Electro narrating how there are a lot of possibilities that could happen now that the multiverse is open. Villains from the previous Spider-Man movies make their comeback but will Peter stop them in time?

A new trailer for Spider-Man: No Way Home is released and this time, it is from IMAX which invites the viewers to see the movie in a one-of-a-kind experience, offering 26% more picture in the said theater. The announcement was proudly posted on the official Twitter of IMAX with a 30-second trailer highlighting the villains that Spider-Man would be facing.

It opened with Electro showing off his abilities considering the possibilities that there is, then there is Doc Ock who says hello to Peter but he is clearly confused as to who he is. Doctor Strange warns Peter that these villains are dangerous to the universe they are in. The clip continues with the villains of Spider-Man unleashed and it will be available in IMAX.

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In the post, it says, “Even in the multiverse, there’s only one way to experience #SpiderManNoWayHome. Experience 26% more picture only in IMAX theatres. The high-flying action swings onto the big screen December 17.”


Spider-Man: No Way Home has the highest presales of tickets in the time of the pandemic and it even surpassed movies released before the world went into lockdown due to COVID-19, even considered as being at par with that of Avengers: Endgame when it comes to the sales of the tickets. It is much anticipated that it led various sites to crash and scalpers to sell tickets at a really high price.

Tom Holland reprises his role as Peter Parker/ Spider-Man and he would be joined by Benedict Cumberbatch as Doctor Strange. Also in the cast are Zendaya as MJ, Benedict Wong as Wong, Marisa Tomei as Aunt May, Jacob Batalon as Ned Leeds, J.K. Simmons as J. Jonah Jameson, and Tony Revolori as Flash Thompson.

See Spider-Man: No Way Home in IMAX on December 17, 2021.

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