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Nintendo Switch May Not See Current Capcom Games on Other Consoles

A new hardware is always a new reason to roll out existing games onto a newer device, That's why we've been seeing some plans for improvement in some games to accommodate changes meant to be delivered by better consoles, like the PS4 Pro.

However, this may not be the case for Nintendo Switch—at least not with Capcom's current lineup of titles.

In a new translated Q&A session with the studio, Capcom made a few things clear with its current fanbase. For one, they are still considering the possibility of a multiplatform approach for current games that will encompass the Nintendo Switch.

But the studio may not be as positive even with this exploratory phase alone. According to the company, they already feel that there are differences in the "desired direction and the play-style" that the Nintendo Switch has compared to the existing PS4 and Xbox One, which could impede the multiplatform plan.

This is a reasonable consideration though. Nintendo Switch is pushing for the experience of home and on-the-go play, something that the PS4 and Xbox One or even their more powerful counterparts aren't both offering.

Capcom continues that they are focused on determining the right platform on which to release a title. This is so players can enjoy the maximum potential of the game for both hardware and software-related features.

While that is the case, it doesn't mean that Capcom won't be doing any games for Nintendo's newest console. if anything, it is already considering what it can bring to the table.

"It is excellent to have the market invigorated with new hardware launches. As a software publisher, we endeavor to develop games that offer enjoyment best suited to each piece of hardware's features and target users. Following first party, in order to introduce our own content, we are currently moving forward with internal planning and analysis as a partner company."

More information is expected for the Nintendo Switch come January.

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