Marvel Contest of Champions Experiences Madness with Thanos

If there was something that can push chaos to the limit in The Contest, it would have to be the arrival of the Mad Titan.

Now that Thanos has his very own comic series, thanks to the efforts of Jeff Lemire and Mike Deodato, he's also ready to make a mark in Marvel Contest of Champions.

Over at Marvel, Deodato and Kabam Art Director Gabriel Frizzera shared what exactly went into designing the Mad Titan for the game.

Design-wise, it seems that the comic book version adapted Kabam's costume design for the game. It brings the feel of a blocky and heavy-set Mad Titan.

In translating Thanos into the game, Frizzera shared that they went for a combination of a good sourcing from the comics as well as their own contributions to the Marvel character.

Inspirations for the design was taken from the Infinity look. However, the proportions of the character were changed and "blockified" to incorporate the usual look and feel for Marvel Contest of Champions.

Thanos' signature yellow and blue look was maintained, as Frizerra emphasized that Marvel characters make good use of color coding with their two- to three-color schemes, which we think was executed fairly well with Thanos.

"We aspire to be an extension of the Marvel Universe, not only being authentic to it, but also expanding its reach to new fans. If we do our job right, players who never read a Marvel comic before will be interested in following the stories, and when they do, the experience will be as seamless as possible."

There's still a week to go before Thanos's new look arrives in Marvel Contest of Champions on Nov. 16. This arrives in tandem with the release of Thanos #1 from Lemire and Deodato.

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DC Legends is already out on mobile.

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