Nicolas Cage Is Not Interested In Joining the MCU: ‘I’m Nic Cage’

With the multiverse in mind, anything is possible in the MCU, and that includes casting Nicolas Cage. It was previously reported that Nic Cage was in line to return as Ghost Rider in Avengers: Secret Wars. However, while this has yet to come to fruition, Cage’s open statement on his disinterest joining the MCU may have gotten his MCU return rumors a slim chance.

“I don’t need to be in the MCU, I’m Nic Cage,” Cage told in a recent interview with Variety. Kidding aside, he expresses that he has nothing bad to say about the superhero franchise, seeing that the concern of many in regards to how the superhero category is “killing” less IP-driven projects, Cage claims that both movies can co-exist and still be successful, “I understand what the frustration is. I get it… I’m seeing movies like Tar. I’m seeing all kinds of artistic and independently driven movies. I think there’s plenty of room for everybody.”

This isn’t the first franchise Cage has openly frowned upon. In fact, he had also turned down his previous starring roles in The Matrix and Lord of the Rings. As to why he had rejected them, “First and foremost… there’s no version of Nic Cage in reality that doesn’t want to spend time with his children” which is a good response, despite turning down a great opportunity in his career.

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The 59-year-old actor also had his chance with Star Wars, though, Cage explained: “No is the answer. I’m not really down [for Star Wars]. I’m a Trekkie, man, I’m on the Enterprise. That’s where I roll.”

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There is no denying that Nicolas Cage remains to be one of Hollywood’s greatest actors, and living in an industry where every legendary performer has already done the inevitable, including joining superhero and billion-dollar franchises, it’s only a matter of time before Cage could potentially join the MCU, too.

In the meantime, Cage will be portraying Count Dracula in Renfield premiering in theaters on April 14.

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