Nicholas Hoult Explains Why He’s Returning For X-Men: Dark Phoenix

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When it was revealed that pretty much everyone involved with X-Men: Apocalypse would return for X-Men: Dark Phoenix, it had fans wondering how Fox convinced these high-profile actors to come back. One of the returning stars is Nicholas Hoult, who will be reprising his role as Beast aka Hank McCoy which he's had since X-Men: First Class.

According to a video interview with Entertainment Tonight, Hoult revealed that he returned due to a promise of new ideas for Beast from director Simon Kinberg. What these new ideas were are still unknown, but the fact that they were enough to bring Hoult back to the role should make the character one to watch. It's doubtful Beast will be the lead character, but seeing him with a more prominent role would be nice.

Hoult's exact words were:

"It's very different for Beast this time around, and that was part of the appeal for doing the movie for me. Simon Kinberg, who wrote and is directing this time, and he has great ideas for where he wanted the character to go, so it was exciting."

Beast has gone through a number of changes in the comics, which could help inform these new ideas Kinberg supposedly has. His form has gone through a number of changes, at one time looking somewhat cat-like, which would be interesting to see. The character's younger version has also gained an affinity for magic in the X-Men Blue ongoing series.

X-Men: Dark Phoenix is slated for a November 2018 release. As the title suggests, it looks like the film will focus on Chris Claremont and John Byrne's classic Dark Phoenix Saga.

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