New Wonder Woman 1984 Scene Reveals Big Set Piece and Teases a Huge Fight

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Wonder Woman 1984 is coming out next year and fans are pretty pumped to see the sequel to 2017's critically-acclaimed Wonder Woman. Fans are also curious about some of the revelations in the sequel, like knowing Steve Trevor is alive when he clearly died saving the world in the first movie. Fans are worried about this but director Patty Jenkins has assured that it makes some sense and now we have our first scene breakdown.

Sadly, the scene itself hasn't been released online, but this report from IGN claims that it was shown during an HBO Max presentation. The scene itself sounds like a fairly exciting one, with Diana still in shock about Steve Trevor's resurrection, thinking it to be a dream though it's soon made clear that this is all very real.


After a while, we see that Diana and Steve are in The White House and are soon attacked. Diana beats some foes, protects Steve from a bullet, then grabs a gun herself and starts shooting in slow motion. Some fans might complain about Wonder Woman using a gun but she's never been above killing.

Interestingly enough, there's also a scene where she reflects a thunderbolt with her Lasso of Truth. This has led to some speculation that Diana will be confronting Zeus, who wasn't seen in the first movie. The DCEU version of Wonder Woman has taken cues from The New 52, confirming in the previous movie that Zeus is her father. It should be an awkward reunion.

Wonder Woman 1984 comes out on June 4, 2020.

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