New Valorant G.U.N. Skin Bundle Reveals 1960's Sci-Fi Style Designs

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Valorant is getting another awesome new weapon skin bundle, and it's called the Gravitational Uranium Neuroblaster (G.U.N.), with a 1960's style theme.

The designs in the new bundle can be equipped on the Classic, Bucky, Operator, and the Spectre, with a melee skin also availble alongside a fantastic robot gun buddy.

Credit: Riot Games

Riot describes G.U.N. as "a retro-futurism blaster gun – for those that are excited by outer worlds filled with extra-terrestrial dangers, romance, and the spirit of adventure."

The new skins "are inspired by space exploration and scientific discoveries of the 1960s," as well as the science fiction in this era, with Riot Games mentioning sci-fi authors like Frank Herbert, Isaac Asimov, Arthur Charles Clarke, Strugatsky brothers, Ivan Yefremov and many other authors as inspirations for the new skin designs.

Check out the G.U.N. skins below:


Credit: Riot Games


Credit: WOTC




I thought these designs look cool, and might purchase the whole bundle when it comes out next week. Watch my Valorant livestreams on my Facebook page.

The G.U.N. bundle is in Valorant's Premium Edition tier, similar to the EGO by OneTap bundle. The bundle costs 7,100 VP. .


The G.U.N skin bundle will be available to buy on September 30.

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