New Trailer for F is for Family Season 4 Introduces Grandpa Murphy

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Frank Murphy has always been an emotionally stunted character, and throughout 3 seasons of F is for Family, it's been teased that it was due to rough treatment from his dad. With a fourth season incoming, we finally get to meet the source of Frank's trauma in the form of Grandpa Murphy.

Here's the official description:

While Frank deals with an unwelcome visit from his estranged father, Sue pursues New Age pregnancy support, and the Murphy kids try out new personas.

I'll admit, I thought that Frank's father was being voiced by Bryan Cranston at first, but researching further made me realize he was actually voiced by another Breaking Bad alum, Jonathan Banks (Mike). If you haven't forgotten, Bill Burr, who voices Frank, actually has a recurring role on BrBa as Saul's other P.I., Kuby; he was supposed to make an appearance on Better Call Saul's last season, but Burr's schedule wouldn't allow it. Here's hoping he gets an appearance in the final season of BCS.


Going back to F is for Family though, it looks like the other characters have their own arcs to deal with. Billy is going to be taking up hockey this time with Kevin seemingly finding a girl he's compatible with. Maureen has her usual arc of trying to keep the role of ‘favorite' among the Murphy kids, and Sue looks to be dealing with the final stages of her pregnancy.

While family sitcoms usually have a formula, F is for Family manages to transcend with some realistic takes on family dysfunction, topped off with some sharp humor. We don't know how long the show will go, but hopefully, Burr and his team will be able to complete the Murphy story they're trying to tell.

F is for Family returns to Netflix on June 12.

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