22 Sep 2019 4:08 PM +00:00 UTC

New Titans Season 2 Photo Reveals Best Look At Aqualad

We already know that Aqualad is coming in Titans Season 2. After all, the upcoming episode is actually named after him. Luckily, we now have a better look at Drew Van Acker as Garth in a new photo from the DC Universe series.

The image was unveiled by Comic Book Movie and finally offers a better look at Aqualad's costume. Check it out below.

The photo appears to be taken from the same scene that showed Aqualad in the Titans Season 2 trailer. However, it also confirms that Donna Troy is in the scene and appears to be hiding behind Garth. We're not sure what this is all about but there is a huge possibility that Wonder Girl will be the one to introduce Aqualad to the Titans.

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Credit: DC Universe

Although we're happy to know that Aqualad will finally show up in the upcoming episode, we're also looking forward to the future episodes where Dick Grayson finally puts on the Nightwing suit. Set photos have already confirmed that Brendon Thwaites will wear a comic-accurate Nightwing suit. However, it is still unclear which episode will introduce Dick's new alter ego.


The second season of Titans has been all about the team gaining new members like Rose Wilson aka Ravager, who is out to take revenge on her father Slade aka Deathstroke for the death of her brother Joseph.

The fourth episode of Titans Season 2 is titled Aqualad. It will air on DC Universe on September 27.

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