22 Sep 2019 11:21 AM +00:00

Titans Season 2 BTS Video Shows Nightwing In Action

There is little doubt that the arrival of Nightwing is one of the most anticipated scenes in Titans Season 2 now that people got a small glimpse at Brenton Thwaites in a comic book-accurate suit. Now you can watch Nightwing in action in a new behind-the-scenes video.

The BTS video was shared on Instagram and it shows Thwaites on the set of Titans along with his co-stars. Check it out below.

There isn't much happening here and the actors are barely visible. The video appears to be from the same photos that were previously released showing Thwaites with Anna Diop, Minka Kelly, Alan Ritchson, and Chelsea Zhang. Nevertheless, you can see the Nightwing suit despite the several smoke machines.


Fans have been hoping to see Dick Grayson take on the Nightwing persona since the first season of Titans. And let's be honest, we want it to be accurate all the way down to Dick's most famous asset (I don't even need to say what it is, you know it by heart). Luckily, showrunner Greg Walker has already confirmed that we will be seeing Nightwing in the current season.

"It's in the shadows, so stay tuned if you really want Nightwing information this season, I think you'll be satisfied by the end of the year," he said.

We're not sure which episode will feature Nightwing's debut just yet. In the meantime, the second season is setting Slade Wilson up to take on the Titans with a sinister plan. Can the team stay together and defeat Deathstroke? Find out when the next episode Aqualad airs on DC Universe on September 27.

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