12 Feb 2018 1:01 PM +00:00 UTC

New Teenage Green Lantern Revealed For DC Zoom Line

When DC announced two new publishing lines for kids and young adults, fans were curious about the graphic novels coming out. It was announced early on that most of these stories wouldn't be canon with the main DC Comics-verse, which was expected. However, one thing fans might not have expected is a brand-new Green Lantern.

On Twitter, Minh Le revealed our first look at a new ring bearer for the DC Zoom graphic novel Green Lantern: Legacy. The character is named Tai, a 13-year old boy who inherits a jade ring from his late grandmother. What he didn't expect was that the ring would be from the Green Lantern Corps, which should lead to an interesting adventure.

Le revealed that the character's grandmother is based on his, which is sweet. Like Tai, his grandma also had a jade ring, so that's a neat little factoid.


Unfortunately, Le couldn't credit the artist yet because he wasn't sure if that was public information. The writer said he would have credited the artist if it was allowed, so it looks like we will have to wait.

No release date for Green Lantern: Legacy has been revealed.

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