DC Announces New Zoom and Ink Imprints For Younger Readers

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DC has announced two new graphic novel imprints intended for younger audiences, as well as YA readers. They are called DC Zoom and DC Ink, the former targeting children while the latter is aimed at young adults. Thess offshoot brands will have original stories that aren't part of the main continuity, similar to the Earth One graphic novels. The company has already enlisted a number of popular YA writers, along with veteran comic writers, which should get the attention of many a fan.

Bobbie Chase, the vice president of DC Comics, told the NY Times that the publisher wanted to focus on making stories for younger readers. Considering how comics these days seem to be targeted towards older readers, this makes a ton of sense.


Ink already has two graphic novels planned. One of them will focus on popular Batman anti-hero Harley Quinn, while the other will star Mera from the Aquaman titles. The Harley book will be written by She-Hulk scribe Mariko Tamaki, while Animal Man artist Steve Pugh handles the art. Danielle Paige will write the Mera book, which currently has no assigned artist.

(DC Entertainment)

Mera will also star in a Zoom graphic novel called DC Super Hero Girls: Search For Atlantis by Shea Fontana and Yancey Labat. This will be part of the popular DC Super Hero Girls brand that has been steadily growing in recent years.

Ridley Pearson of Kingdom Keepers fame will be writing a Super Sons graphic novel, starring Jon Kent and Damian Wayne. This one might actually be canon with the main DCU since there is currently a Super Sons ongoing series with both characters as the lead.

Finally, Gene Luen Yang will be writing a special project designed for both Ink and Zoom called Superman Smashes the Klan. This will likely be based on a special episode of the Superman radio drama that helped take down the KKK, so this should be a really interesting book.

DC Zoom and DC Ink are expected to debut this Fall.

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