New Star Wars: Episode VIII Dubrovnik Video Features Chase Sequence, More Photos & Details Revealed

Star Wars: Episode VIII filming in Dubrovnik is almost finished. Even before shooting started in the gorgeous Old City on the 11th, we've seen numerous photos from news sites and bystanders around the set.

Now, we're getting a quick but closer look at a chase sequence in Stradun, Dubrovnik's main street. Shared by a Making Star Wars source, the short video features several black-cloaked extras successfully dodging a car with a camera mounted to its back.

Take a look:

The sequence reportedly involved a tractor-pulled space horse-looking prop ridden by Finn's double as well as a brunette female character believed to be Chloe Bruce. Previously, the character was thought to be Kelly Marie Tran, but it seems unlikely now since the female doesn't look Asian.

Several other info from the set shared by the source include the following:

> The bluish silver landspeeder scene last night involved the use of pyrotechnic special effects, similar to opening shots of the assassination attempt in Attack of the Clones.

> There's a "smooth, sinister extraterrestrial" that looks similar to modern Cloud City pygmies in Han Solo's carbonite-freezing scene. The alien had previously been depicted by TMZ's current photo leaks.

> From Stradun, shooting has been taken to Pustijerna St., an alley that features alien light fixtures on the walls. The street is believed to be used for some kind of procession or possibly another chase sequence.

The female character who appears to be Tran could be Daisy Ridley's stunt double, Chloe Bruce, all along. Ridley previously confirmed that she's not going to shoot in Dubrovnik. It's entirely possible that the scene won't last longer than a few minutes given that Ridley won't be there herself. There could also be more action scenes involved, considering Bruce's awesome skills:

In any case, I doubt Rian Johnson has no knowledge of these photo and video leaks. I'm sure he's taken every precaution not to show any spoilers. The locations chosen for the Dubrovnik shoot are all public spaces, so Johnson could very well have strategically planned these leaks.

Star Wars: Episode VIII is slated for release on December 15, 2017.

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