New Star Trek Series Will Have 13 Episodes That Will Focus On 1 Story

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Bryan Fuller, the creator of Hannibal and Pushing Daisies, will be showrunning the upcoming Star Trek TV series, and according to him, it's a dream come true.

"To be able to craft a new iteration of the show with new characters and a whole new adventure and whole new way of telling stories that you haven't been able to tell on Star Trek is honorable and it's a dream come true," Fuller told Collider "It's hard to articulate that."

Fuller revealed that the first season's arc is written, "or arced out," with the first six episodes "entirely broken" in the writer's room. According to Fuller, the episodes aren't one-offs, and that the first season will have one story told over 13 episodes.


"And there are 762 episodes of Star Trek television, so over six episodes we have to tell stories differently than they've been told for 50 years," Fuller said.

Fuller plans to continue Star Trek's progressiveness by looking at the show's roles "through a colorblind prism and gender-blind prism."

Casting is currently ongoing, and although Fuller didn't mention any names, he said that he already found a few actors he likes.

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