New Star Trek Book Celebrates The Original Series' 55 Years of Legacy

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To celebrate Star Trek: The Original Series' 55th anniversary, Hero Collectors recently released a book titled Star Trek – The Original Series: A Celebration by authors Ben Robinson and Ian Spelling. The comprehensive collection features new interviews, archival conversations, never-before-seen art and sketches, and many more. It is the second collection in "A Celebration" series following the success of Star Trek Voyage: A Celebration.


Luckily, this won't be the last "A Celebration" book that Spelling and Robinson are working on. In an interview with Daily Star Trek News, Spelling confirmed that they are working on Star Trek: The Next Generation: A Celebration which is set to be released in the fall of next year just in time for the series' 35th anniversary.

There's no denial that Star Trek: The Original Series is one of the best TV shows of all time and also groundbreaking during its time because of the diversity of the cast and the storylines that they tackled which definitely influenced a lot of science fiction shows that come after and also still relevant up to this day. The series was initially canceled after three seasons, but the adventure with the original crew continued on in a one-season animated series during the early 70s and theatrical films starting in 1979 until the early 90s.

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Today, the Star Trek franchise still lives on with several current shows that are airing on Paramount+ and with more coming soon. A new Star Trek film is also currently in the works with WandaVision director Matt Shakman set to helm.


Star Trek - The Original Series: A Celebration is currently on sale.