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New She-Hulk Clip Pokes Fun at Steve Rogers' Virginity

We're now just a week away before She-Hulk: Attorney at Law hits on Disney+ and fans are looking forward to the introduction of Tatiana Maslany's Jennifer Walters in the MCU as well as the other surprises that they have in store including the return of a beloved hero.

The series is also expected to have comedic elements as hinted by the trailers and promos that they released so far and, as evidenced by a new clip that was released by IMDb, it looks like they will also poke fun at some of our favorite Avengers.

In the new clip that was released, Jennifer Walters and her cousin Bruce Banner were seen having a conversation in the car where they are discussing Steve Rogers' virginity. Jennifer is theorizing that Steve is actually still a virgin since he got "pretty busy" after he was rescued from being frozen in ice during the present day.

However, their conversation was cut short when they encountered a spaceship (which looks like one of the Grandmaster's ships in Sakaar that we saw in Thor: Ragnarok) that resulted in them going off the cliff.

Based on the clip, it also looks like this was the car accident that would result in Jennifer accidentally getting contaminated by her cousin Bruce Banner/Hulk's blood and turning into She-Hulk which was hinted by a featurette that they released weeks ago.

Considering that we know that the series will have a lot of comedic elements, it is not surprising that they have jokes such as this and it's evidence that they are going as far as referencing some of our favorite characters in the MCU when it comes to their easter eggs.

For sure, there are a lot more comedic moments and jokes that the series has in store beyond what they've shown here and this is just an appetizer as we're anticipating its premiere.

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She-Hulk: Attorney at Law is slated to release on Disney+ this August 18.

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