New Pokemon Masters Trailer Shows Off Three-on-Three Co-Op Battles and Unity Attacks

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Pokemon Masters is the next big mobile game from the franchise and fans are pretty pumped up about being able to team up their favorite trainers and gym leaders from the series. We now have a new trailer from the DeNA that developed the mobile game and it gives us some new details, like three-on-three co-op battles and Unity Attacks, which has all three Pokemon unleash a huge move to defeat their opponent.

Managing a team of trainers and their Pokemon is pretty neat, which works for the setting that DeNA and The Pokemon Company have created. Fans have been wanting to form parties of trainers since the days of Pokemon Black & White, where all the gym leaders were united against the big bad, so finally being able to make that dream come true is a sight to see.

It's not yet known how the player's avatar changes their Pokemon, though The Pokemon Company has revealed a neat feature that might fix that; Sygna Suits. Though they aren't shown in the trailer, these suits will reportedly change who the trainer is using in battles, with Brock changing his Onix for a Tyranitar.

Expect these to be in-app purchases for your custom avatar. It is a free-to-play mobile game after all.

Pokemon Masters is expected to come out this summer for iOS and Android.

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