New Mulan Featurette Shows Off Donnie Yen's Sword Skills

Martial artist Donnie Yen may not have been a Jedi in Rogue One: A Star Wars Story, but he still managed to kick some stormtrooper ass as Chirrut Imwe. With his role as Commander Tung in the live-action Mulan though, he'll actually be able to show off some swordsman skills. While it's not the full scene, we get a small teaser of Yen's skills with this new featurette.

What's cool is, director Niki Caro said that Yen was so fast with his sword skills that they had to shoot in slow motion just to get every movement on camera. Hopefully this showing off won't just be for Mulan's training scenes and we get to watch Commander Tung in action. I don't know about you, but I have a feeling he's definitely going to die in the film in lieu of Li Shang's father.

Originally set to come out in March, Mulan has been delayed to no end thanks to the Coronavirus pandemic. The movie had been set to come out in July, but things apparently haven't gotten any better since March. While the movie is coming out in select theaters around the world, it looks like Disney had to bite the bullet and offer Mulan on Disney+ for a price. While some think $30 is a lot for a streaming service they already pay for, some think that it pretty much covers the price of buying tickets for the whole family.

If anything, Disney is still testing the waters with these blockbusters coming straight to streaming, so if Mulan succeeds, we could be looking at the same strategy for Black Widow and everything else that had been put on hold.

Mulan hits Disney+ on Sept. 4.

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