19 Mar 2020 4:11 PM +00:00 UTC

Magic: The Gathering History Video Looks Back at How Hand-Made Cards Became A Billion-Dollar Phenomenon


Wizards of the Coast's popular collectible game Magic: The Gathering is now a billion-dollar phenomenon thanks to the combined sucess of its digital version, Magic: The Gathering Arena, and various card products. Many consider it to be the best game ever made, and the card game also has an interesting history: from From its humble beginnings of creator Dr. Richard Garfeid at Wizards of the Coast right on through its acquisition by Hasbro and its online introductions (Magic Online and its latest and best digital version, MTG Arena).

Toy Galaxy has released a new 20-minute video about the history of Magic, giving us a look at how Garfield pitched the idea to Wizards of the Coast's founder and first CEO, Peter Adkinson. The video also talks a bit about the history of Dungeons & Dragons, and other card games inspired by MTG. Toy Galaxy doesn't get deep into the game's competitive scene or the prominent MTG content creators and streamers, but it's the kind of video you'd want to share to someone who has no idea what Magic is. 

Watch the video below: 



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