New Magic: The Gathering Comic Reveals That Niv-Mizzet Was Reborn into A Gearwork Body

BOOM Studios! recently revealed a preview for the Magic#1 Ashcan, a special preview of the upcoming series, titled Magic, by Jed MacKay Ig Guara, Arianna Consonni, and Ed Dukeshire. This will be the first MTG comic series by BOOM! Studios since they announced that they've acquired the rights to Magic: The Gathering from Hasbro and Wizards of the Coast.

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Credit: BOOM! Studios

Now, one of the preview pages has revealed something interesting about Niz Mizzet, the temperamental dragon parun of the Izzet League on Ravnica. Read that page here:

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Credit: BOOM! Studios

As revealed here, Niv-Mizzet was reborn into a gearwork body. When Niv-Mizzet was reborn in the War of the Spark storyline, it wasn't mentioned that he was reborn into a gearwork body, so the best explanation is that the card Niv-Mizzet Reborn represents his soul, and not an actual physical body. This new gearwork body is probably his permanent one, and we might eventually see an Artifact Creature card that represents Niv Mizzet in the future.

Here's the official description of Magic #1:

"Across the vast Multiverse, those gifted with a "spark" can tap into the raw power of Magic and travel across realms — they are Planeswalkers. When coordinated assassination attempts on Guildmasters Ral Zarek, Vraska, and Kaya rock the city of Ravnica and leave Jace Beleren's life hanging in the balance, a fuse is lit that threatens not just these three Guilds, but the entire plane of Ravnica. Now these three must covertly infiltrate the wild plane of Zendikar and form a tenuous alliance to uncover why the targets of the assassins have all been Planeswalkers. . . which will lead them straight to one of the most enigmatic characters in Magic history!
MAGIC #1 features main cover art by acclaimed artist Matteo Scalera (Batman: White Knight Presents Harley Quinn) as well as variant cover art by Guara, InHyuk Lee (Miles Morales: Spider-Man), and Junggeun Yoon (Seven Secrets), and a set of Hidden Planeswalker variant covers by artists Miguel Mercado (Mighty Morphin), Taj Tenfold (Abbott), and Magdalena Pagowska (The Library of Esoterica) featuring fan favorite characters Liliana Vess, Kaya the Ghost Assassin, and Sorin Markov.
Fans can also pre-order the MAGIC PACK, a limited–edition Collector's Set of MAGIC #1 covers, featuring an exclusive MAGIC PACK variant by artist Mirka Andolfo (Mercy), along with the MAGIC #1 main cover by Scalera, a randomly inserted Hidden Planeswalker variant cover, and the Black blank sketch cover, available in April 2021."

The company will already be sending one copy of a special preview of the series, a Magic #1 Ahscan, to every comic book store, and advance copies have been listed on eBay for up to $170, but none have sold at the time of this publication.

Magic #1 will feature cover art by Matteo Scalera (Black Science), with multiple variant covers illustrated by Guara, InHyuk Lee (Miles Morales: Spider-Man) and Junggeun Yoon (Seven Secrets) featuring iconic Magic: The Gathering characters.

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