New Loki Episode 5 Teaser Confirms the Arrival of President Loki

We're already excited about Loki Episode 5 and the latest teaser for tomorrow's episode has confirmed what we have been looking forward to for some time now. It looks like we're finally getting President Loki.

We've always known about President Loki. The image of the God of Mischief wearing a suit and his trademark horns was one of the first things we saw in the first Loki teaser dropped during Disney Investor Day last year. However, we're already four episodes in and we have yet to see Tom Hiddleston in that suit.

Luckily, things have changed in the latest Lokiteaser. The TV promo shows Loki with his thugs as well as that mysterious ship that appears to be stranded in the same dimension he is currently stuck in. We even get another look at Loki's sword Laeveteinn in action.

Perhaps the best thing about the new teaser is that it shows Loki reunited with Mobius. Needless to say, we can look forward to seeing the two workings together again in Loki Episode 5.

The upcoming episode of Loki is set to be the penultimate episode and we're expecting a lot of action in this one. After all, there's so much to catch up on since we have already seen the other Loki Variants including Richard E. Grant's Classic Loki.

The official title for Loki Episode 5 has not yet been revealed by Marvel. Nevertheless, the episode is already set to premiere on Disney+ on Wednesday, July 7, 2021.

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