New Logo and Release Date Revealed for Snake Eyes: G.I. Joe Origins

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While Transformers is still trying to figure out what direction to move in their film franchise, Hasbro is trying to bring back another one of their toylines to the big screen—G.I. Joe. The first of their spinoff reboots is movie centered on the ninja Snake Eyes, and we have our first logo and release date for the film.

This was posted by the official G.I. Joe account:

While this is marketed as an origin movie, it definitely looks like a reboot of the franchise, with new actors attached to specific roles. In lieu of Ray Park, Henry Golding will be taking on the role of the Joes' resident ninja and his nemesis Storm Shadow will be played by Andrew Koji.

Besides the main ninja duo, other heroes from the franchise are also expected to appear like Scarlett played by Samara Weaving as well as Ursula Corbero taking on the role of the new Baroness.

While I know that the Joes are the heroes, I'm actually more excited to see returning villains for the show. I'm all up to see a new take on Cobra Commander, Destro, and Zartan. You think there's any room in that film for twins Tomax and Xamot?

We don't have a teaser for the film yet, but with principal photography having wrapped, hopefully, we get a preview sometime before the year ends.

Originally set to come out this October, Snake Eyes: G.I. Joe Origins is now aiming for a release on Oct. 22, 2021.

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