Fans Predict the Next League of Legends Animated Series Following Fortiche x Riot Announcement

new league of legends animated series arcane vi
Credit: Netflix

new league of legends animated series arcane vi
Credit: Netflix

Arcane may be ending with its second season, but there is a silver lining for fans. That’s because the series’ co-creator revealed that more new League of Legends animated series will be made in partnership with Fortiche.

Speaking to Variety, Arcane co-creator Christian Linke said that there are still “many stories to tell” in the world of League of Legends and that Riot Games and Fortiche Productions will continue to tell them.

This is great news for fans as it means more characters and locales from the world of Runeterra will be explored. Currently, though, there’s no word on what specific stories will be adapted.

Arcane Will Officially End in Season 2

What is clear is that Arcane is finally coming back in November 2024. While the second season has been confirmed since the first season’s finale, it has taken a while for it to be released given how lengthy the production process is.

As it’s nearly three years since the series premiered, Netflix and Riot Games shared the first teaser trailer for Arcane Season 2. It reveals some intriguing plot developments, including the fact that Vi will become an Enforcer.

The trailer also confirms that the first season’s voice cast will return, including Hailee Steinfeld as Vi and Fallout's Ella Purnell as Jinx.

There are hints at where the story will go next in season 2, but there are no specific details yet. What is clear is that season 2 will be the show’s final chapter, meaning it will likely conclude the story.

Many fans were saddened by the news, though some are hopeful that this means the show will end on a high note.

Moreover, many fans were delighted with the news about more League of Legends shows in the pipeline.

Fans Already Have Story Ideas for the Next League of Legends Animated Show

new league of legends animated series arcane jinx
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Credit: Netflix

Even though it’s going to be years before we see another Riot and Fortiche series, fans are already buzzing with potential story ideas.

Many fans think that Demacia is a great setting for another show. That’s because of the Demacian Civil War storyline where the kingdom ruthlessly hunts down mages.

What makes Demacia a likely candidate is that this region hasn’t been explored much in other spinoffs. After all, the likes of Freljord, Bilgewater, and the Shadow Isles have already been explored in games like Song of Nunu and Ruined King.

Another potential setting is Ionia which has a conflict with Noxus. Arcane viewers have already been introduced to characters from Noxus, so this is another potential storyline that can tie up with the previous show.

Of course, these are just fan predictions, though they make the most sense as it’s likely that a new series will explore a new setting instead of taking place in Piltover and Zaun once again.

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