New Last of Us Part 2 Screenshots Seemingly Confirm Joel’s Fate

With Ellie being the main focus of the Last of Us Part II trailers, a lot of people are wondering if the first game's protagonist Joel is actually alive in this timeline. While some think that the Joel that we've seen in the promos is a figment of Ellie's imagination, some new screenshots seemingly confirm that Joel is indeed alive.

Check them out (via PlayStation):

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While the shot of Joel in the promos clearly doesn't have him in the same room as Ellie, it looks like he finally has a scene with her here. What's more, I'm assuming that it's Joel we see on the horse with a guitar on his back.

Then again, this could all be part of a flashback, or maybe some point earlier in the game. Let's not forget that the first game starts 20 years before the events of the actual story. Maybe ‘Ghost Joel' just hangs around in Ellie's mind, just like Joker does with Batman in Arkham Knight.

With the relationship between Joel and Ellie being so integral to the game, it's hard to imagine the sequel pushing forward without him. Then again, I'm alright with this mystery in the storytelling. It's just a bummer that we have to keep waiting for the release, especially since COVID-19 has delayed the game indefinitely.

No new release date has been set for The Last of Us Part II, but fingers crossed it comes out sometime this year.

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