The Last of Us Part II is Delayed AGAIN

Naughty Dog was initially set to release The Last of Us Part II in February, but they had to push back the release to this coming May because of development issues. Now with COVID-19 shutting down everything, the developers have announced that they have to delay the game one more time.

Here's the post:

We don't know exactly how much longer this fix will take, but the announcement does say that they are ‘in the midst of fixing our final bugs.' Though I can imagine some of the work can be done remotely when it comes to the game, I'm sure there is some lost coordination with everyone not being in the same room.

Personally, with all the news of game developers abusing workers with "crunch culture", I get relieved when I hear that a game has been delayed. While companies should release games on their intended release date, I would much rather wait for something that feels completed rather than a rushed mess that comes out on time; let's also not forget to mention the poor developers who are oftentimes forced to work more than they're paid for just so games can meet their deadlines.

To be fair, the global pandemic is slowing everything down, so it would make sense that this title should get delayed. Best case scenario, it still comes out this year, but if not, maybe early next year would do.

No new release date has been set for The Last of Us Part II.

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