05 Feb 2017 8:12 PM +00:00 UTC

New Justice League Image Reveals More Storyline Twists

The lateest image released of The Justice League raises a lot of questions and offers some tantalizing plot twists that can give Atlantis a bigger role than first realized. The shot shows Wonder Woman on attack mode with Aquaman and Cyborg backing her up.

But it's the background behind them that expands the film's plot about the superhero team's fight against the minions of Darkseid.

As Moviepilot points out, the design of the structure surrounding the three characters is very similar to Aquaman's costume. Then you have the thee heroes standing on what looks like a ramp that leads up to an open sky. Said ramp also looks like to have been recently filled with water. One logical description for this scene is that this half of the Justice League comes aboard an Atlantean ship.

Has Atlantis been drawn into the fight against the parademons? What made its former isolationist king Aquaman relent? (Hint: maybe he can't totally turn his back on the surface-dwellers because of his own human dad.) And why isn't he taking the lead in this encounter if they are on an Atlantean vessel? And where are Batman, Cyborg, and Superman anyway?

Hopefully, more of these questions will be answered as Justice League nears its opening date on November 17, 2017.