New Image of Hellboy and Prof. Broom

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Next February will see the release of the Hellboy reboot, and this month has seen a lot of promotion for the film. Besides the trailer that just recently got dropped, we have a new image of Hellboy and his adoptive father Prof. Broom courtesy of Empire.

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With Ron Perlman's Hellboy being close to a kid-friendly version of the character, David Harbour says that his take on the character in the reboot is actually more brutal. The movie is said to make a point that Hellboy is a living weapon, and the violence is said to be amped up from Guillermo del Toro's films.

While some may take issue with the reboot, I think it's just the case of a lot of fans wishing that Ron Perlman and del Toro were given the chance to finish their film trilogy. If you ask me, Harbour actually looks great as Hellboy, and his delivery of lines in the trailer are pretty fun. Plus, with Perlman close to 70, I would imagine that one more Hellboy film would take a toll on his body. Harbour has a lot of time to star in a bunch of Hellboy movies until the eventual third reboot of the entire franchise.

On the bright side, if this movie flops, maybe Lionsgate will consider giving us the third film in the del Toro franchise. Let's just hope that everything falls into place if that ever happens.

Catch Hellboy in theaters April 12, 2019.

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