New Image from The Mandalorian Season 2 Hints at Return to Tatooine

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While the first season of The Mandalorian didn't go all out with the fanservice, it still had some choice nostalgic moments, one of which was a return to Mos Eisley on Tatooine. What's interesting is, we could be going back to Anakin's home planet for the second season of the show.

Entertainment Weekly had just released a bunch of new images from the second season, and one of them is that of a Tusken raider riding a Bantha. Check it out:

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While these sand people were commonplace in Tatooine, I think the first season had emphasized that they could very well exist in other sand-covered planets—much like how Jawas just scavenge wherever they are.

This is just my guess, but it's possible that we do come back to Tatooine, and it will have something to do with Boba Fett. When Fennec Shand died in the first season, we were given a tease to a character that a lot of people assume was Boba. Then again, it's possible it could just be someone wearing Boba's armor, and the real Boba is just traveling around the galaxy, looking for jobs in a new suit.

Again, that's just my theory, and I'm just putting together what's been rumored for a while. Hopefully, Lucasfilm comes up with something not everyone can guess because I'd like to walk in on series that keep me on the edge of my seat.

The Mandalorian Season 2 premieres on Disney+ this coming Oct. 30.

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