New Hellboy Live-Action Movie Reboot Reportedly In the Works

So far, Hellboy has been adapted to the big screen three times. The first two were directed by Guillermo del Toro and were well-received by critics but had modest box-office performances. There is also the David Harbour-led 2019 reboot that bombed at the box office and was panned by the critics.

With the disappointing results of the 2019 reboot, it felt like any plans of doing another Hellboy movie in the future have been shelved and we might not see a new attempt at doing a reboot of the property anytime soon. However, it looks like that may not actually be the case.

According to Discussing Film, Millenium Media is currently working on a new live-action film reboot of Hellboy. Crank and Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance co-director Brian Taylor is currently attached to helm the movie while Mike Mignola and Christopher Golden will be receiving story credit.

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The report claimed that the working title of this reboot is Hellboy: The Crooked Man which suggests that the new take may take inspiration from "The Crooked Man" storyline in the comics that ran in 2008. There is also no actor attached to play the titular character at the moment.

It is interesting to hear that Hellboy is getting another shot on the big screen, especially in the aftermath of the 2019 reboot's reception and the seeming lack of interest from the public regarding the property. There are also a few years of gap between the 2019 film's release and around this time.

Since the project is still in the development stage, let's just wait and see for now whether the film will actually happen at some point. If the project does end up moving forward, it also poses a question of who they might cast as the new Hellboy in the reboot.

We should be hearing more news and updates about this reboot in the coming months.

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