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New Godzilla Movie Releases Next Year As Confirmed by Toho

New Godzilla Movie Releases Next Year As Confirmed by Toho
Credit: Warner Bros.

It's his birthday today and Toho just dropped a huge announcement as they confirm that a new Godzilla movie is coming out exactly next year, on November 3rd, as posted on their official Twitter account with a mysterious teaser of the upcoming film.

The very first Godzilla movie released in theaters on November 3, 1954, and on the 68th birthday of Godzilla, Toho announced on Twitter that there will be a new Godzilla film coming out on his 69th birthday, on November 3, 2023. They teased the movie with a mysterious image with the release date.

The details on the new Godzilla movie are still scarce, only that Takahashi Yamazaki will direct the film. Yamazaki is known for his projects such as Lupin III: The First, and Stand By Me Doraemon 3.

Godzilla still remains to be one of the most iconic characters in Japan. The last Godzilla film in Japan was in 2016 with Shin Godzilla then Legendary took over, producing the MonsterVerse, for a quadrilogy.

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Even when Legendary reins over the MonsterVerse with their quadrilogy and the upcoming series on AppleTV+, Toho continues to eye on making their own mark with the new Godzilla movie coming out next year, and looking to add more to their 32 Godzilla films. With the movie coming out next year, new updates are expected to arrive soon.

Godzilla is known as a prehistoric fictional monster who was awakened and he is a destructive force powered by nuclear radiation. An anti-hero in a sense, Godzilla is hailed as the King of the Monsters, even dubbed as the Primeval Champion, Doom Inevitable, and the God of Destruction.

Are you excited for another Godzilla movie? It comes out on November 3, 2023.

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