New Dresdenverse Story Featured in Parallel Worlds: The Heroes Within

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While fans of Jim Butcher's urban fantasy series The Dresden Files are waiting for the next novel titled Peace Talks, a new multi-author anthology called Parallel Worlds: The Heroes Within was just released, and there's a new Dresdenverse story by Jim Butcher in it, so if you're craving for more Dresden action, you may want to pick up a copy of this book. The title of Butcher's new story is Monsters, and it's from the POV of shapeshifter Goodman Grey.

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Goodman Grey was introduced in Skin Game, where he was hired by Harry Dresden to act as his plant during the underworld heist. The two talked in code, and Grey eventually revealed his true allegiance by fighting Nicodemus when Dresden said "Game over." Dresden shockingly discovered that Grey was the son of Naagloshii. The new Dresdenverse story Monsters follows Grey taking a job from Gentleman Marcone.

Parallel Worlds: The Heroes Within is edited by L.J. Hachmeistere and R.R. Virdi, and here's the blurb for the new anthology:

Heroes and villains are not always on the opposite ends of the spectrum of good and evil. Sometimes, all that separates them is a fine line. The stories within "Parallel Worlds" explore the lives of such heroes and what drives them — and what keeps them from crossing over to the other side.
This anthology features nineteen stories from bestselling, award-winning, and emerging authors, and includes brand new, never-before seen stories from Jim Butcher's, "Dresden Files," Robert Asprin's "The Myth-Adventures" by Jody Lynn Nye, and Neo Edmund's "Red Riding Alpha Huntress Chronicles."

Parallel Worlds: The Heroes Within is now available on paperback and ebook versions on Amazon, Nook, Apple Books, Kobo, and Angus & Robertson. Meanwhile, no release dates for Peace Talks have been announced yet but since Butcher already completed the book, expect his publisher to announce it soon.

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