Dresden Files Author Jim Butcher Finally Completes Peace Talks, Live-Action Trailer is Coming

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Peace Talks, the 16th book of The Dresden Files by Jim Butcher, is finally complete!

Author Jim Butcher has taken it to his Twitter account to announce the completion of his upcoming Dresden Files novel.

"THE END," Butcher tweeted. "I love writing that."


According to Jim-Butcher.com, the final chapter is now in the betas' clutches, and soon it will be published, so expect a release date soon.

In addition to Butcher's update, Jim-Butcher.com also announced that a trailer for Peace Talks is currently in pre-production. The trailer is described to be "live-action cinematic-style production" that promotes the upcoming book, and that it will be shot in Los Angeles. They are also hiring talent to be a part of the trailer.

Here are the positions they're trying to fill for the live-action Peace Talks trailer:

Camera Team: DP, 1st and 2nd ACs, Grips, Gaffer, DIT.
Production Designer and Assistant
Costume Designer
Hair and Make Up Artists: Beauty MUA, FX MUA, and Hair Stylist.
Sound Recordist/Boom Operator
Sound Editor and Mixer
VFX Artists and Compositors (don't need to be local)

If you're interested in being an actor for the trailer, here's the description of what they're looking for:

Performers: Both SAG and Non-Union actors are invited to apply. Look for "Warden of Chicago" and "Warden of Chicago (Additional Roles)" on Actors Access/Breakdown Express for list of characters and descriptions. We're holding the next set of auditions this weekend, July 27th and 28th, so please submit your headshot, resume, and reel via Actors Access by noon Pacific this Thursday, July 24th.

Here's what Butcher said about Peace Talks:

"A summit of the world's supernatural powers is being held to try to establish some sort of equilibrium and to get everything settled down in the wake of the vanishing of the red court. And I'm pretty sure everyone's going to sit down and have a nice cup of tea, there'll be a talk, and walk away holding hands."

No release date has been announced for Peace Talks yet but we'll keep you updated once we hear more about the next Dresden Files book. Jim Butcher is planning to write Book #2 of his Cinder Spires series after he completes Peace Talks. It will be called The Olympian Affair.

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