New Dragon Ball Super Arc Could Bring Back Kid Buu

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While most of us are waiting for Dragon Ball Super: Broly as the next piece of Dragon Ball media, manga fans are also looking forward to the end of the Tournament of Power since previous reports have confirmed a new arc that the anime has yet to cover. Turns out this new arc might give us the return of a rather surprising villain and it should be a talking point for a lot of Dragon Ball fans.

Supposedly called the Galactic Patrol Prison arc, this will have members of the Galactic Patrol taking Majin Buu (or Mr. Buu) from Earth to extract the Dai Kaioshin from him. However, fans of the manga and anime know that it's this Kaioshin that made this form of Buu cute and kind of nice, so if you remove it there's a big chance that it will turn back into its chaotic evil form.

This chaotic evil form is Kid Buu, one of the most popular versions of this villain and the final enemy of the Z Warriors in Dragon Ball Z, before Super brought the series back.

Kid Buu was quite the challenge for our heroes, being able to stand toe-to-toe with Vegeta and Super Saiyan 3 Goku. In the end, the Majin had to be put down with a massive Spirit Bomb, before being reborn as Uub.


Frankly, this villain might not be much of a threat now that Goku and Vegeta know how to reach Super Saiyan Blue. Heck, Gohan's Mystic Form was technically stronger than this villain, so it will be fun seeing how they build this villain back as a threat, assuming that it happens of course.

The new Dragon Ball Super arc is set sometime after Broly. No release date for these chapters has been released, though reports claim that it will come out in December.

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