New Domain Names For Wonder Woman 2 Might Offer New Details On The Sequel

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It might be a little bit early to expect too many details on Patty Jenkin's Wonder Woman 2, but it seems like a few cryptic domain names for the sequel to Gal Gadot's standalone film as Diana Prince offers fans some insight into the upcoming superhero movie.

Domain Name Wire just spotted a few domains that Warner Bros. purchased for Wonder Woman 2, and it looks like the domains point towards a few years in the 80s.

Here are the domain names the studio bought ahead of the film's start of production:


Though some might think that the domain names don't really say much about the Wonder Woman sequel, the domains do point to years around the 80's, confirming that Jenkins will take DC fans to the decade for the next Wonder Woman standalone film.

However, the domains also lists down all the years in the 80s, suggesting that the year in which the events of the film take place could end up as a spoiler for Wonder Woman 2. The 80's might seem like a long jump from the events of the first Wonder Woman movie in World War I, but the studio might want to fill in some of the gaps between the film and Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice.

Other interesting domain names in the set include Cheeta and Minerva, names which relate to Kristen Wiig's character, Dr. Barbara Ann Minerva. The other domain names like Wonder Woman Part 2 and Wonder Woman Returns could be working titles for the project.

Wonder Woman 2 is scheduled to premiere on November 1, 2019.

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