17 Nov 2018 2:24 PM +00:00 UTC

New Doctor Who Series 11 Clip Pays Tribute To Matt Smith's Time Lord

The Time Lord may have regenerated several times in the past but that doesn't mean she always forgets her previous incarnations. The latest clip from Doctor Who Series 11 features a cheeky tribute to Matt Smith's quirky Eleventh Doctor.

The clip from the next episode Kerblam! opens with Jodie Whittaker's Doctor and her companions trying to maneuver the TARDIS. However, their journey is interrupted by a delivery robot with a package for the Time Lord. It is revealed that the box contains one of the Doctor's hats from her previous regenerations. Nevertheless, she still asks her companions if the quirky hat still suits her.

It's an awesome nod to Smith's take on the Doctor but there's no time to dwell on fashion and bubble wrap. The receipt happens to have a secret message begging for her aid. As always, the Time Lord sets off to find the origin of the message. They discover that Kerblam, the shipping company is now a massive facility filled with both human and robot workers.


The new episode is expected to reveal the darker side of the delivery service. Let's just hope that the Time Lord can find a way to solve the case without being too distracted by the possibilities of online shopping.

Although Whittaker and Smith are some of the few actors who appear to be enjoying their work on Doctor Who, some aren't quite as lucky. Christopher Eccleston, who played the Ninth Doctor in one season, recently revealed that he threatened to sue BBC for possible defamation. Although the network has since apologized to the Thor: The Dark World star, Eccleston believes they have still caused some major damage on his reputation.

Doctor Who Series 11 airs every Sunday nights on BBC.

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